We are dedicated to enhancing the Community in which we work. We aim to make a positive and lasting impact within
society and to help improve the quality of life for members of the community.


The economic and environmental benefits of recycling are highly appealing. Recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate changes by significantly reducing the energy required to manufacture the products we buy and use every day. The scrap recycling industry plays a vital role in protecting the environment, conserving our resources, and promoting sustainability. Since secondary metals have an intrinsic value and are recyclable with no losses in their properties, the scrap metal industry helps maintain the supply of the core metals like copper and aluminum. Metals are used by nearly every manufacturing industry hence the use of secondary metals can lower CO2 gas emissions and lower waste to landfills.


Philanthropy is ingrained in our corporate identity and our social responsibility far extends beyond the environment as we aim to impact social issues, healthcare and education within our communities.

Our founder sponsored the Hussein Aboura Society for orphans to provide essential social services to children and their families.

We believe education is the major driving force in any society and we enable students to continue their post-secondary education by granting them financial support.

We are a main supporter of King Hussein Cancer Foundation in Jordan.

Did you know?

Making new aluminium from old aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing the same product from ore..
Recycling 10lbs of aluminium cans reduces gas emissions by 16 lbs, which is energy equivalent to 7 gallons of gasoline.